How much does it cost to get a Nexus 5 to India?

  The newly released Nexus 5 is a hot selling cake. It is still not officially released in India although the pricing is listed on the Google play site. It costs 28,900INR and… Continue reading

Nokia Oy

The fact that Nokia was bought(7.17bn$) a tad less than Skype(8.5bn$) by Microsoft raised eyebrows.Nokia has only sold the HW division and services and gets to keep all its patents, including Imaging (Scalado),… Continue reading

[Counterview] Incandescent or CFLs?

Green power is the new thing. We see a lot of advertisements of CFL lamps that save power. This indeed is true.I still wanted to delve deep into the point and see the bigger… Continue reading

Trusting your Employees

I do have moments when I find myself wishing all of our team members were in the office more, and even wondering what they’re doing when I haven’t heard from them. When those… Continue reading

Is it really needed?

While the outrage on Delhi incident is completely justified. One thing that I find scary is that, almost every person in my social circle has been talking ruthlessly about the culprits. Yes this… Continue reading

You know it when you are a star….

, You know it when you are a star…. when everyone wants a piece of your pie .. everyone apes you, everyone criticizes you [but envy you on the inside] everyone undermines you..… Continue reading


Found this on the net and loved it. explains everything 🙂 Worth making a poster and hanging it on walls at home.

45 lessons life has taught me [In the words of Zane Eldred Middlecoat Cuxton]

‎45 lessons life taught me. [In the words of Zane Eldred Middlecoat Cuxton]1. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good. 2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. 3. Life is… Continue reading

Strontium USB Drive

Just received my new strontium usb drive. 8GB bought from Tradus at 235/- INR as on 26 July 2012. Quite easy packaging and hassle free to unpack. Liked the build of the device.… Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Chutney Chang

Another great restaurant with sumptous spread of Chinese and Indian cusines buffet. The place has the biggest number of items on the menu and quite affordable. The best of the lot is desserts.… Continue reading