Adventures Part 1

It’s been sometime till I felt I should blog.
never short of pranks, thanks to friends, who joined me in al these.
I’ll start off with some of my adventures:
1. Made a big hole in the hospital pillow cover when I was a baby
2. My mom overturned d pillow to make it unnoticed. but I repeated it
3. used to say I’ll write on the higher parts of d walls when I grow bigger
4. cut electrical wires in the house to use them to make my bulb circuit glow
5. was fond of road rollers, and tar laying machines
6. wanted to become a tractor driver
7. made my dad pay a fine in train by telling a wrong age
8. liked to stand in the middle of the main road
9. all toys in relatives place used to go on d attic if they knew that i’d be coming
10. wanted to break open every toy
11. hit my cousin lakshmi with an iron rod.
12. liked to eat hay

13. spread rice huff all over the garden to make it look ‘natural’
14. wasnt alowed to see fav cartoons for a week
15. was bit by a spider, thought i’ll become one spiderman
16. messed up a drama show in school – forgot my role
17. used to keep 17 pencils in my pencil box
18. hanged torn shoes to d neighbour’s telephone line, coz I hated them
19. liked putting my hand in a cow’s mouth
20. cut d gobar gas pipe, and the whole function cooking got hay wire
21. ate paan parag with my cousin when i was in 1’st
22. burnt tyres, coz liked the smell
23. got first prize in school group song 😀
24. rode tricycle in reverse always
25. liked to pull a street dogs tail
26. got bit once doing that
27. ‘ve been liking dogs more ever since
28. jumped from a moving train, ajm, wud’ve been killed
29. had a skull fracture, dived head on from first floor 😉
30. cudnt spell ‘ra’ until 7th !

More to come…