What’s happenin with our lives ??

I m wondering where these busy schedules, the work loadthat almost all of us keep talking about, is taking us to….thesedays i have been hearing somebody telling me constantly that work isthe most important thing….i fail to understand something outhere…why is it that we all work…i always thought it is for abetter quality of life, to be able to get ur loved ones things that ualways wanted to get and so on. Not for moving away from the people ulove, not for making people feel unwanted, not for spoiling one’shealth. I cannot see “only doing good work at office” as the onlyobjective in one’s life. Work is actually only a means to somethingbigger in life. People have to get this straight. I see my friendsbreak off because they are not able to find time for each other. Whatis it that they are planning to do with their lives…is breaking offa solution? Should one go ahead and give up on a relationship becauseof this reason that they are unable to give time to each other ? Arentthere ways and means by which one can solve this?I always beleived in one thing…”where there is a will there is away”…having made up one’s mind to spend a lifetime with someone, isit so difficult to find 2 mins a day to say a “hi” to him/her? i neverthought this was so tough. If one can take care of these small thingsin life, there should not be any problem. The issue with ourgeneration is that people want everything to come on to themeasily….one is ready to put in 15-16 hours a day for work…theemployer is not going to hesitate to kick you out if the situationdemands it tomorrow, things are measured more by money and profits,nonetheless, we give it all this importance…but not an hour for arelationship that is supposed to last a life time, not an hour for aperson who is ready to stand by u thru all ups and downs in life , notan hour for a person who would not kick us out of his/her life, comewhat may…..what an irony this is? Is this what we want out oflife….by the time we realise the mistake we are into, i am worriedit will be too late….we would have already broken hearts andrelationships and thats precisely what is happening around.lets not do this to each other guys…lets understand the meaning ofour lives…lets understand why is that we have to work…we have towork to live, not live to work! The true essence of life and itsbeauty has to be realised…lets make life better and give people whatwhat they deserve and not take them for granted. After all, is notmaking this effort woth it??!!it is so easy to say ” This is how i am. if u can put up with this,lets go ahead.”….but the results of this statament are not going tobe good. Why not we try and do something for others? Why not weunderstand that by trying and doing things for others is how we aregoing to inspire them to do the same to us and this is what is goingto make our lives complete!”

Keeping a smile on your face…….when inside you feel like dying means strength..”

take care,