Well, its been quite some time since i could have spared some time for a new blogpost.
Dunno how many of us would have thought about our jobs, cribbing about our bosses, the salaries, everything around us in office from the office boys to the admin people’s work in organizing things in office. I sometimes feel we’ve been blessed with such beautiful and good work compared to a lot of people around the world, thanks to the good education our parents got us for all of 25 years striving hard every day.. Kudos to them.
The post is a very crude one, and am throwin it onto the blog just as it comes onto my mind.
It sometimes wrenches thoughts and the feeling is that deep down guilt that shouts saying “idiot! look at them, why do you crib,… you are so blessed!”
I’ve felt it every time i see people who do odd jobs just for a living.
There is this person, at the utility building parking lot, who runs around on a wheelchair looking after all the vehicles parked in the premisis. I’m sure, the guy would make say.. 2000 per month?? yeah ..roughly.. to sustain himself and his family.. And the happiness and pride with which he does his work .. left me wondering..
And there is this person who sells groundnuts on a busy road for 1/- .. how much would this guy make? 2000 again? for his family ? is that enough?.. for a family of 4, in bangalore, 2000 sustainable, and still he does it with so much of confidence and ownership.
Yet another person, who sells corn near a park in rajajinagar, and i was struck when my friend told me he was a degree holder, and he took up this profession just because he had to earn a living for his family… hmm.. and we talk about us not getting proper “Work packages”.
its feels weird when i see small guys working as waiters, in restaurants doing the cleaning and serving jobs, we spend like mad, shelling out what..? 400 per meal?? hmm.. sometimes.. which is about 1/4th of his salary..
the Bus conductor, who gives us a smile with the ticket
The security guy at the shopping mall…
The small kids who runs around small restaurants carrying the plates..
I’ve seen most of us squirm at these people.. Clean this, clean that.. this guy checks my bag every time… this guy doesen’t have the change for a ticket.. ah! aren’t these ppl doing their duties?
Have we wondered what would have happened if our bosses in the “IT” industry had squirmed at us for not meeting the deadline?? I’m sure we wud have changed jobs.. the next day..
I think its time we understand, any work is good.. any work has a reason, its not that i have a good work, i have a bad work.. Its the way we take it ..
I’ve thought about my work too, saying this is good, this is bad.. hmm.. wait.! its first, we have to be dedicated in what we do, we’ve to think we’are paid for it.. am i worth the 20000? salary I get? am i doing the work worth my salary’s worth? or even 1/2 of the worth?
Its true that companies pay peanuts to us, by giving say 15$ per hr when they charge 50-70$ from their clients.. thats immaterial .. what matters or should matter to me is am I worth the money I’m being paid? Its this satisfaction and not the greed is us that should drive and guide us with the work and the dedication. All of us are good people, but somewhere down the mind the peer-pressure starts to bite.. Thats when things go outta control.. he has got it, why not me? what have i done wrong? whats my mistake.. my boss is partial.. hmm.. taken.. but i think we have to spend more time on thinking on being worth the salt than wanting more from work. Just think.. can the corn guy or the Parking guy ask for things like this?
Deserve before you Desire