The Missing Link…

Raksha Bandhan – Raksha Bandhan (the bond of protection in Hindi) is a Hindu festival, which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Shraavana..

Long back a few of our friends during our regular trips to the forests had some time waiting at the bus stop. We had an hour or so for the bus to arrive. One of us began saying “Guys let’s have a debate… For fun! ”
“Debate?! What the..! Are you crazy…” everyone said.
“No, let’s have a small debate, some of us will talk for and some of us against… what say? Ain’t it a good idea to spend some time?” he replied to which everyone nodded.
We started off with a topic, “Siblings or single child… Which is fun…?”
The discussion went on for hours, even after the bus arrived, we spoke and fought the whole night over the topic, and got blasted by the fellow passengers in the bus, for not letting them sleep 😛

Well I felt it’s the right day to write a few lines on the same. I have been the single and a pampered (of course, single goes with pampered) child. People ask us (us from here on means the single child community) “hey you are a single child to your parents? Ah! Lucky you! ”. Hmm, yeah, have been lucky in most aspects.
Being a single kid has all its advantages, from buying the school stationery we get to choose what we want, the books as much, the crayons with all shades of blue and fluorescent. The birthday chocolates of our choice. A cycle that we want, and the best in class. Of course, the pressures and scolding’s of scoring bad in school also doubles. School fest time? Hmm… It’s the time of complete attention for us from preparing our exhibition models, to the fancy dress costume… Ah! It was fun… 

After all the joyful years of schooling, when we step into the college, we are assured of a seat in the best (affordable of course) college, and the expensive tuitions… and 2 year long nonstop supply of pocket money.  It’s the time when interests begin to widen, from cycles to bikes, from uniforms to branded Jeans (Mobiles were an expensive commodity then). Ah! Now that we’ve completed with our PU, we step into engineering and some of us are fortunate to stay back with our parents, thanks to their expenditure on payment seats and management seats to assure their kid stays within their line of sight and their fear of cranky hostels, blatant ragging in college hostels are submerged. Parents heave a sigh of relief.

“Ma! Roger waters comin to Bangalore ma!”, “class trip Dad!”, “Rahman’s concert!! You can also join me ma!”, “need a new guitar, only an electric guitar will do”, “Metallica’s new album”, “ ‘Ve to treat my friends on my birthday”.. Yet so many wantings, parents don’t dare to turn em down.. After all their only kid… Let him/her enjoy..! Hmm… Of coffee days, long drives, re-valuation, the want list longer than the syllabus book 😛

That was an awesome life!..  Not having anything to share not having to fight for anything  and you get what you are obstinate for … not many questions asked…

Somewhere down the line, a link of the ‘awesome’ chain looks somewhat creaky.... “Hey, what’s that?!” life gave you everything…” Very much dude. A few more things that made up the link… The joy of snatching a chocolate from you sis, the joy of stealing her crayons, the joy of using her makeup kits for your fancy dresses. The quarrelling over a small issue and winning, sometimes giving up coz your parents scolded you and made you give it to her. Competing with her on the birthday gifts and the cake sizes. Sharing your cycle as parents didn’t get one for each.

Snatching the pocket money, or borrowing for a new pair of jeans or a Movie ticket. Getting caught with your girlfriend or your sis getting caught going around with the guy of her class. The umpteen blackmailing not to tell parents about it :-p. Scanning her scrapbook for something interesting to poke and tease her… sharing the internet connection at home .. Ah! Some materialistic things you might say..

The tidbits you take from your sis to go and speak with interesting girls, the inside info you get from the tell-a-woman broadcast line gossips…:-P the agony aunt that she chooses to be when parents are furious at you…. The satisfaction and the happiness of a cheerful laughter, heartful smile, an empathetic tear, are a few that makes the link complete. Am sure those of you having siblings will have a different perspective, ahem! Grass is always greener on the other side.

C’mon life hasn’t been unfair. …! Having a huge gang of friends’ didn’t make us feel something’s missing. Thanks to the zillions of treats, hundreds of outings, lots of trips that’s kept us all busy all through. A bunch of crazy friends is all you’ll need to freak out and give the necessary break from the monotony that work offers you.
But, Inadvertently I hear a tiny wind chime hanging in a corner of the house waving to every gush of the wind, and its sound rings in the ears everywhere. loud….

Wishing all you brothers and sisters a very happy Raksha Bandhan! 🙂