The River…

I really like this old story of the River.. Read on..

Rivers are interesting creations of nature.. She takes birth in the mountains, somewhere deep inside.. goes thru a lot of muck, junk, stones sand pebbles all along her way. She does not pick up everything, but only the necessary minerals and discards everything else that is unwanted. She brings fertile bits of soil to the plains, brings cheer, happiness, joy to the livestock, farmers and every insect on her way.
She could have the underground path and reached the sea, but she didn’t. She chose to come out, see and experience things.
When you drank the river water, you were thrilled. It gave you some kind of happiness, maybe which you cannot explain in words. She made you forget all troubles/problems and stay happy even for a short while. She touched the life of one person at least for a moment, even unknowingly, and that happiness in those faces and lives of the is all that the river needs, to be happy.

She went through many things, she didn’t care, she didn’t bother what came on the way.

Every time I hear this story, it puts me thinking…