Strontium USB Drive

Just received my new strontium usb drive. 8GB bought from Tradus at 235/- INR as on 26 July 2012.
Quite easy packaging and hassle free to unpack.

Liked the build of the device. The metal brushed aluminum with printed strontium logo. The gauge is good too, feels durable. There is a small notch on the top for a tag, although tags arent provided. The rubberized body gives a good strong and soft feel. The usb 2.0 port is solid and not susceptible to bend and deformation with use. There is a small red LED which blinks on powerup and data access, small but useful thing.


The drive comes hassle free, no junk sw installed. Plug and start using.

The tech spec looks impressive for an 8GB flash drive.


Usable space is 7.2GB. HD Tune tests give 27.2MBps transfer. Includes read and write. My real life speeds were 6MBps for write. There were no bad sectors that HDTune could find out on the drive.
The drive comes with a 5Yr replacement warranty in India, which is impressive. We tend to lose pendrives more often than them conking. 🙂