Is it really needed?

While the outrage on Delhi incident is completely justified. One thing that I find scary is that, almost every person in my social circle has been talking ruthlessly about the culprits. Yes this has been a tipping point, but there were 700 similar cases this year. Where is the outrage for that?. I read words like capital punishment, castrate, kill, cut their P****, 4 letter words, etc.. No! such incidents do not give you licence to use these words. I’m saddened that very very few of you speak about finding a reason, by digging deeper. My generation is supposed to talk about development, collaborative working & building a great nation. When there is/are all proofs that we as India will be one of the most important country in the world economic and cultural front in 20 years, its in our hands that our generation and our next will not get into such heinous acts, but we look at building a great future where we value respect everyone, women, men, elderly, young, differently abled, financially backward, third sex etc.. We seem to be embodied in a rat race of making money and competition and forget the fact that we will be the foundation of a great nation 30 years later. We got to be much more matured citizens and tackle issues than blaming and calling words at culprits and lawbreakers. The law is there to punish the crooks, yes your outrage forced the police to take swift action… good, and if they do not then you can take it up. There are still ample and respected Supreme Court Judges who hold the law at the highest esteem and deliver very very competent judgements. Leave the law, to those who know it better.

I overheard a small kid asking his dad “Appa, what is rape?” #AwkwardSituations

The below blogs make a lot of sense. The first, written by “Local Tea Party”, I read his blogs regularly. Someone who writes in local language, and elegantly elucidates the reason and a solution. the second is from PTI head, ex CJI, Justice Katju on why there are bigger issues to tackle. And thirdly from a Psychologist who has been teaching in MIT for about 22 years and a forensic consultant on such issues.

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