How much does it cost to get a Nexus 5 to India?



The newly released Nexus 5 is a hot selling cake. It is still not officially released in India although the pricing is listed on the Google play site. It costs 28,900INR and 32,900INR for 16gb and 32gb as on the date of writing the post.

But if you are the impatient kinds, here is how you can get it from the US. In India the custom duties for importing mobiles is 8% of the cost of the device. It used to be 2.8% in Jan 2013, but things changed after the budget 2013.

There are various shipping sites that you can use to ship it for you from the US to India. some of them are Borderlinx, ShopandShip.

With ShopandShip, you need to register for a lifetime fee, 45USD and you can ship anything from US, UK, Hongkong, Istanbul and Dubai to India as of today. They give you a local address in these countries, and once you ship it to the address, they will take the effort to ship it to India. This is cool. I use this quite a bit to ship small stuff.

With Borderlinx the registration is free, and they give you a US and UK local adresses, and they ship it to India.

So here is how the math goes:


The landing price to your US address would be 390.85USD. ShopandShip charges 10$ per 0.5kg and a Nexus 5 is less than 500gm in weight. Once it is shipped to your US address (provided by ShopandShip), you can send ShopandShip a copy of the Invoice which they will use to produce at the customs department when it lands to India. The govt of India charges 8% on the cost of the phone + vat + octroi(if applicable in your state) and once that is paid, the product is shipped to your place. You pay the shipping + customs fee at your doorstep. ShopandShip takes care of everything entirely. No walking to the customs dept and negotiating. Cool Isn’t it?

So in Summary, 390.85$ + 10$ + 31.27$ = 432.12$. Considering the INR to USD exchange rate is 63.76(as on 12-11-2013) and credit card charge about 1.25INR per $ exchange rate, the cost of the phone landing at your place would be 28,088INR.

So are you ordering yours?